2020 Annual Dues
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Annual Dues Donation

2020 Membership Drive

All homes in the West Park Forest Ridge developments benefit directly and indirectly from the funds donated.

Suggested annual donation per home is $10.00.

You are welcome to donate amounts beyond $10.00 if you wish.
Your $10.00 Donation Pays for…
As one example, the street signs in our developments are unique.  Since they are not installed by the city of North Olmsted, and are custom made, beyond adding value and prestige to our community, they require maintenance the city will not perform. 

Your donation and participation are the ONLY things keeping these signs around.  If they fall into disrepair, the city will install green metal signs on steel posts.

We definitely prefer the wooden, elegant posts and work to keep them in shape.
Another example is the flower boxes under all of the street signs.  Volunteers work with board members to conduct a flower box planting competition to help keep the boxes fresh and weed free each summer.

Your donations contributes to the funding necessary to prevent these boxes from becoming boxes of WEEDS.
2 Ways to Pay Your Dues Donation
Paper-based payment

  • Pay your dues via check or cash
  • Use envelope delivered directly to your house with the newsletter in early spring of each year
  • Mail payment or hand deliver to address indicated on the envelope
Online payment via Paypal OR credit card

Use the link below to pay your dues online
2020 Annual Dues
"Send Money" to:  [email protected]